A creative and inspiring story of one family’s journey into unchartered waters, relying on love, faith and God to get them through.  With the help and generosity of others, they turned an unfortunate diagnosis to encourage others to donate blood and to be more.  To Go With Flo is a great book for all ages, with artwork to spark the imagination and a story to inspire hope.

I always knew Flora had a higher chance of  Leukemia because she was born with Down Syndrome, and for whatever reason, they are more susceptible to it.  But I never thought it would happen to us, even with the odds against us.  But there we were, at the starting line of a very unknown journey and race.  I left Montana on May 2nd, 2016, with my 1 month old and 2 year-old, not knowing when we’d return.  The funny thing was, I was reading a book on the life of Pope John Paul II and one thing he would tell people had stuck to me.  He would say, “Be More”.  That statement would ring in my head as a mantra after I read it, “Be More”.  I wanted to be more, but didn’t know how to do it or what to do it with….but I wanted it.  So, after I found out Flora’s diagnosis and how long we would be in the hospital I told myself I would dedicate my time to prayer, my art and yoga.  I knew God wanted my husband and I to feel this kind of pain and confusion to bring us closer to know Him and trust Him…and to “Be More”…..This is our story.


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